Causes Of Pain On One Side Of Face: Insightful Understanding

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Causes Of Pain On One Side Of Face

Do you often experience pain on one side of your face? Are you fed up exploring the internet but didn’t find any solution to this problem? If yes, then don’t worry, because this time you are in the right place as we have provided all the information regarding Trigemilan Neuralgia, which causes face pain.

At glimpse, facial pain can be caused due to various reasons, which may include dental complications, sinus infection, and many more that require specific treatment procedures. So, it is essential to identify the underlying causes of half-face pain while determining its symptoms.

Why Do You Experience Pain On One Side Of Your Face?

Before we explore the potential causes of face pain, it is essential to understand why it occurs. Well, Trigeminal neuralgia, or pain on one side of an individual’s face, mainly appears when trigeminal nerves get damaged.

Pain On One Side Of Face

These cells are mainly used to send signals from the face to the brain that help to control the sensation of your facial organs.

When these nerves get damaged due to multiple sclerosis, the protective covering called myelin sheath promotes shock and burning-like pain. Sometimes, it becomes so extreme that even if you touch a brush to your teeth, it becomes unbearable. Well, the culprit behind such conditions can be many, which we will discuss in the next section. 

What Are Some Common Factors That Can Cause Facial Pain?

The main cause of facial pain is due to of trigeminal nerve damage, which can happen due to various reasons. It can be due to injury or medical complications, which you need to know to find the exact reason. In this regard, you can check out some of the factors that can potentially cause facial pain on one side.

1. A Half-Facial Can Be Caused By A Migraine

The first and most highlighted reason behind trigeminal neuralgia is the migraine, which is commonly a headache. In this case, a person may feel a severe and burning sensation on one side of the face until it is cured.

Additionally, an individual may also experience visual and sensory disturbance, resulting in tingling and numbness on one side of the face.

2. Sometimes, It Can Be Caused Due To Dental Complications

Some dental complications like toothache due to decaying or gum infections can also cause half-facial pain. These dental problems can be caused due to bacterial infection and pus buildup on the soft tissues of the mouth. These abscesses can cause extreme pain to the jaw, face, and even neck of the body that occurs only on one side.

3. Sinus Infection Is Also The Culprit Of Half-Face Pain

Other than dental complications, sinus infections can also cause trigeminal nerves, which can be irresistible. It occurs when sinuses become inflamed and cause extreme pain to the nose, including parts of the cheekbones and forehead. Altogether, they pose pain on one side of your face, resulting in numbness or tingling sensation.

4. Structural Issues Can Cause Pain On One Side Of Your Face

Half-face pain can also occur when your jaw joints, also known as Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ), start functioning. Sometimes, this pain may tend to appear on one side of the face, which can become unbearable with time.

This type of functioning mainly occurs due to injury or carrying out some dental procedures like grinding a tooth for a long time.

5. Trigeminal Neuralgia Due To Trauma

Last is facial trauma, which can potentially cause trigeminal neuralgia in an individual. Facial trauma is a condition that occurs due to injury to the face, which can be caused by an accident.

In such cases, the nerve cells of the face get damaged, which results in half-face pain, which may need professional help to cure.

What Does Facial Pain Really Look Like?

Well, pain on one side of your face can only occur internally, which can be determined physically. But in extreme cases, the person may have inflammation on the face, especially in the chick and beneath the ears.

But most of the time, it can only be felt by the person who is experiencing the symptoms that we have discussed below.

  • A person may feel tingling or numbness on the side of the face.
  • In addition, he/she may also experience worms throughout the face.
  • The pain also spreads throughout the jaw joints, which may travel toward the head and even the neck.
  • A person may also experience blurry vision, and they may not be able to concentrate on their work.

If you or anyone in your life are facing problems, then immediately contact a doctor or a dentist if you have complications due to dental problems. Otherwise, you can use home remedies to cure yourself, which we have mentioned in the section below.

Tips To Effectively Cure Pain In One Side Of Your Face

You can cure your pain on one side of your face by following the tips that we have mentioned. But make sure that these homemade remedies are applicable only if you have mild trigeminal nerve pain.

  • Compress your pain area using ice-packed cloths for 10 to 20 minutes several times per day.
  • Practice gargling with salt water at least three times per day to get relief from dental pain.
  • Elevate all the mucus of similar liquid from your nose so that you don’t face any discomfort.
  • In extreme cases, consult a doctor for better medication and required treatment procedures.

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Final Words

Pain on half of your face is such a discomfort situation that it can cause fatigue and affect on concentration on your daily work. Therefore, it is essential to identify the potential symptoms and get treated well to get relief from extreme pain. In mild situations, you can use home remedies and OTC medication to comfort your trigeminal neuralgia.

But in extreme cases, you need to consult a dentist or associated doctors for better treatment before it gets worse. Here, a doctor may ask you for various tests like a CT scan, X-ray, or MRI to identify the symptoms first and provide you with a better treatment procedure.

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