Mode Toothbrush Reviews: Does This Electric Brush Stimulate Gum Tissue?

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Mode Toothbrush Reviews

Looking to learn more about the Mode Toothbrush? Let’s get into the details..! Finding an effective electric toothbrush that properly cleans your teeth can be a challenge. When making such an important health purchase, you want to make sure you have the available details to make an informed decision. 

In this Mode Toothbrush review, I will provide all the required pieces of information you need to know about the toothbrush. You may consider this review as your guide to see if this electric toothbrush is right for your needs. I’ll share insights into key product details like features, benefits, cost, and more to help you determine if this toothbrush stands out from the pack.


Mode Toothbrush is an electric toothbrush with cutting-edge sonic technology that strives to give a better brushing experience. Mode Toothbrush aims to facilitate substantial improvement in dental hygiene and wellness through its marketing as more than simply a toothbrush.

Mode Toothbrush Overview

Mode Toothbrush Reviews: How Does This Brush Prevent From Plaque?

My goal is to equip you with everything needed so you can best decide whether investing in the Mode Toothbrush is the smart choice for improving your oral healthcare.

Mode Toothbrush Review

So whether you’re frustrated with your current electric toothbrush performance, looking to try a new brand, or want to experience better plaque removal and gum health, you may find this Mode Toothbrush review helpful. Let’s take a look at how the Mode Toothbrush works so you can make the toothbrush decision that’s right for you!

Product NameMode Toothbrush
AimProvide a superior brushing experience
TechnologyAdvanced sonic technology
Features– Uses sonic pulse technology 
– Offers soft tapered bristle design 
– Unique rotating charger
– Built-in LED charging indicator
– Wireless charger
Mode Toothbrush Advantages– Prevents from plaque
– Protects from gum abrasions
– Enhanced accessibility
– Unique design
Technical Facts– Brush Head Movement Speed
– Bristles
– Battery Life
– Waterproof
– Quality material
– Whisper quiet motor
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
AvailabilityMode Toothbrush Official Website
To BuyClick Here

What Is The Mode Toothbrush? 

The Mode Toothbrush is an electric toothbrush that aims to provide a superior brushing experience through advanced sonic technology. Marketed as more than just a toothbrush, Mode Toothbrush attempts to enable meaningful transformation in oral health and hygiene. 

The Mode Toothbrush electric toothbrush manufacturers claim to utilize state-of-the-art sonic pulses designed to remove up to 10 times more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. This helps prevent cavities, staining, gum disease, and other oral health issues.  

The developers at Mode focused their design on crafting an electric toothbrush that caters to all types of brusher preferences. Whether you prefer a soft or firm bristle strength, require sensitivity control settings, or need a smaller brush head to hit those hard-to-reach spots, the Mode Toothbrush electric brush provides personalized options.

Overall, the Mode Toothbrush combines sonic pulse vibrations with quality materials, and design to create what the brand calls “a remarkable brushing experience”. The features claim to allow you to maintain cleaner and healthier teeth and gums from the comfort of your home, eliminating the hassle and expense of frequent visits to the dentist for teeth cleaning treatments.

Let’s now travel over some of the key features and technical specifications that enable Mode Toothbrush to deliver on its promises of better plaque removal and gum health.

Features Of The Mode Toothbrush 

The Mode Toothbrush electric toothbrush claims to be equipped with features designed to offer users a personalized, deep cleaning experience not found in traditional electric toothbrushes. Here are some of the most notable features:

💠 Sonic Pulse Technology  

Mode Toothbrush electric toothbrush claims to use high-performance sonic pulse technology. This enables the toothbrush head to rapidly pulse 38,000 strokes per minute, creating micro-sweeps that may cover more surface area for maximized plaque removal. Compared to cheaper electric brushes, Mode’s sonic technology may generate 10x more pulsations for enhanced cleaning capability.

💠 Soft Tapered Bristle Design 

To optimize reach and cleaning potential, Mode engineered a Soft bristle pattern. This allows the tapered bristles to attack plaque from all angles, especially from inaccessible areas. The design seems to allow softer micro-bristles to simultaneously polish and protect enamel surfaces.

💠 Rotating Charger

The charging dock that comes with the Mode electric toothbrush has a unique rotating base allowing you to position the dock in multiple orientations. This rotatable stand enables 180 degrees of movement so the dock can face either left or right rather than only straight forward. The easy pivot adjustability allows users to properly align the Mode Toothbrush electric brush dock no matter their counter space or outlet positioning. 

💠 Built-in Dock Nightlight  

The charging dock features an LED light to indicate active charging status. Positioning your Mode Toothbrush brush dock by the bathroom sink or mirror takes advantage of this clever nightlight integration. The dock both charges your electric toothbrush and provides a helpful guiding light after dark.

💠 Wireless Charging Dock

The portable travel case makes transportation and charging simple by allowing you the facility of plugging it directly into your bathroom outlet. A full charge generates up to 30 days of regular use. 

Mode Toothbrush Features

Advantages Of The Mode Toothbrush

With its cutting-edge sonic pulse technology and quality design, the Mode Toothbrush brush tries to deliver meaningful advantages including:

💠 Plaque Removal  

By operating at 38,000 brush strokes per minute, the Mode Toothbrush electric toothbrush provides sweeping sonic action that covers more surface area to actively attack plaque buildup. Removing up to 10 times more plaque than a regular manual brush, Mode claims to leave your teeth exceptionally clean. Preventing plaque buildup promotes healthier teeth and gums.  

💠 Gum Care

The gum care settings on Mode send sonic pulses designed to stimulate and massage gum tissue. This increased blood flow keeps gums strong and healthy, preventing issues like gingivitis. The softer micro-bristles also protect gums from abrasions during brushing.

💠 Increased Accessibility 

Thanks to the angled neck and compact brush head, Mode makes hard-to-reach areas like back molars and behind the tongue more accessible. This allows you to break up and clear out leftover plaque in tricky areas other brushes can’t reach.

💠 Intuitive Design 

Everything about Mode’s design centers around user experience, including the travel case with wireless charging dock capabilities. Mode claims to make it easier than ever to focus just on your brushing while the toothbrush handles maximizing plaque removal. 

💠 Cost Savings

While the upfront investment is higher than a manual toothbrush, Mode pays dividends through better oral health. Removing more plaque improves tooth and gum health, saving you money on costly dental visits for teeth cleanings and other preventative treatments.

As you can see, the Mode Toothbrush electric toothbrush leverages cutting-edge technology and quality design trying to provide a brushing experience that surpasses traditional electric models. Next, let’s explore some key technical specifications behind this innovative toothbrush.

Mode Toothbrush Technical Facts 

The Mode Toothbrush stands out through its utilization of sonic care technology. Here are some key technical facts about the Mode Toothbrush electric brush:

💠 Brush Head Movement Speed

As previously mentioned, the core of Mode’s cleaning power lies in its high-speed sonic pulse technology. The brush oscillates at a rate of 38,000 brush strokes per minute. This creates tiny sweeping actions to actively attack plaque.

💠 Bristles

Engineers opted for a mix of tapered firm bristles and soft micro bristles built to withstand frequent use. The tapered design allows the firmer bristles to wedge deep and break up plaque while the soft ends polish enamel surfaces.

💠 Battery Life

A single full charge generates up to 30 days of regular use. The battery is designed for up to 2 years of effective life before needing replacement.

💠 Waterproof

The mode electric toothbrush comes with an IPX7 waterproof brush along with an IPX4 splashproof dock.

💠 Quality material

This electric brush is made of a durable aluminum handle with a rubber upper providing maximum efficiency

💠 Whisper quiet motor

The Mode electric toothbrush is designed with a whisper-quiet motor for comfortable and disruption-free brushing. While generating 38,000 sonic pulsations, the motor contains vibration and noise to surprisingly low levels. This ensures that high-speed rotations emit minimal sound during operation.

As you can see, the developers at Mode put careful emphasis on blending modern technology with quality materials for an exceptional user experience.

How Does The Mode Toothbrush Work?

The cleaning power of the Mode Toothbrush comes from its high-speed sonic pulse technology. Let me provide a  brief overview of how it works:  

Based on The Mode Toothbrush reviews, this toothbrush connects via a long, flexible neck to a small brush head equipped with specialized bristles. Within the neck is an internal motor that drives the brush head to oscillate rapidly back and forth. This enables extremely fast pulsations of up to 38,000 strokes per minute.

As the bristles pulse, they create tiny sweeping motions along the surfaces of teeth and gums. This allows the tapered firm bristles to wedge deep between teeth, actively attacking plaque buildup. At the same time, the soft micro bristles polish and protect enamel surfaces.

Operators can select their desired cleaning mode via an interface of touch buttons near the base which communicates settings to the internal motor.

In essence, the internal motor enables the brush head movement while the interface allows the optimization of pulsation intensity. This generates cleaning action powered by sonic technology to deliver a brushing experience in a slim, user-friendly package.

Why Do I Need This Mode Toothbrush?

We all know brushing daily is essential for oral health. But when using a basic manual brush, there are common issues many experience including:

  • Inadequate plaque removal allows decay and tartar buildup
  • Gum irritation and bleeding  
  • Limited reach missing plaque hotspots  
  • Bad breath

The technology and design advances of the Mode Toothbrush electric toothbrush may effectively alleviate these problems for improved oral healthcare:

💠 Superior Plaque Removal

One of the advantages Mode provides is plaque removal of up to 10 times more than a traditional brush. This is thanks to its high intensity 38,000 strokes per minute pulsations from sonic technology. Removing more daily plaque keeps teeth cleaner between dental visits.

💠 Healthier Gums 

Insufficient plaque removal also negatively impacts gum health. Plaque that remains too long can advance below gum lines causing inflammation and sensitivity. Mode’s specialty gum care mode sends pulsations designed to stimulate and massage gums while soothing any sensitivities.

💠 Hard-to-Reach Areas  

Thanks to its angled neck and compact brush head, the Mode Toothbrush makes harder-to-access spots like back molars more reachable. You can break up and sweep away leftover plaque hiding along gum lines, behind back teeth, and around dental work more easily.

As you can see, the Mode Toothbrush tries to deliver meaningful improvements for oral health issues compared to manual options.  

Mode Toothbrush Customer Reviews And Experiences

The developers at Mode are very confident in their product’s ability to deliver remarkable Mode Toothbrush results, they back it with a 365-day money-back guarantee. According to the company, only a very small percentage of customers end up returning their Mode Toothbrushes. The majority report complete satisfaction.

On the official Mode Toothbrush website, there are testimonials from customers highlighting how the product improved their oral healthcare. Examples include enhanced plaque removal leading to cleaner teeth, resolution of gum sensitivity, and more enjoyable brushing overall.

There are also mentions of positive Mode Toothbrush customer reviews with the responsive service team. Several reviewers noted receiving prompt answers to all their questions during the ordering and delivery process. 

One customer even mentioned how their dentist was shocked by the complete turnaround in plaque accumulation and gum health at their 6-month checkup after switching to the Mode Toothbrush.

With such a satisfaction rate for cleanliness, ease of use, functionality, and oral health improvements, the Mode Toothbrush customer reviews and experiences speak for themselves.

What Does The Mode Toothbrush Cost And Where To Buy? 

The Mode Toothbrush is only available for purchase on the official company website. Interested buyers can choose from three purchasing options:

💠 Single Mode Toothbrush

It currently sells for $148 plus free shipping. Along with 1-year warranty.

💠 Buy one get one 30% off

This offer retails currently for $251.60 with free shipping and a 1-year warranty as well.

💠 Buy two get one 80% off

This offer is currently retailing for $325.60 with free shipping and 1 year warranty.

All orders of the electric Toothbrush are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee which provides ample time to experience Mode Toothbrush benefits firsthand. Keep in mind Mode Toothbrush supplies are limited due to demand, so orders are subject to availability. 

The electric brush is only available for purchase through the Mode Toothbrush official website and not on any other e-commerce websites or retail stores. This way, inventory, shipping, and product support are closely controlled for quality assurance. 

Mode Toothbrush Refund Policy

The company is providing a 30-day money-back policy with every purchase made through the Mode Toothbrush official website. This allows new buyers ample time to properly test out the electric toothbrush’s cleaning and oral Mode Toothbrush benefits in day-to-day use. 

If at any point during that trial run you decide the Mode Toothbrush is not improving your oral healthcare as expected or you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact Mode’s customer service team. 

Mode offers free prepaid shipping labels or postage reimbursement to return your Mode Toothbrush hassle-free. Once received, you will be issued a prompt refund for the full Mode Toothbrush purchase amount. No questions asked. 

With this 30-day money-back guarantee, Mode essentially allows interested buyers to “test drive” their electric Toothbrush. If oral health does not meaningfully improve or Mode does not meet expectations, return with no financial loss incurred.

Having this safety net provides helpful peace of mind to those on the fence about investing in an advanced electric toothbrush like Mode. 

Final Thoughts On Mode Toothbrush Reviews

After reviewing the Mode Toothbrush and its features, performance capabilities, real user experiences, and manufacturer guarantees, the Mode electric toothbrush seems to be legit.

As per the Mode Toothbrush reviews, it claims to leverage sonic technology and design to deliver what is essentially an oral healthcare breakthrough in your bathroom. The level of plaque removal and gum stimulation afforded by 38,000 stroke-per-minute oscillations is remarkable according to customer feedback and dental reviews. 

While the $148 price tag exceeds most electric brushes, there is immense value given healthier teeth and gums plus savings over time from less dental work needed.

With its 30-day money-back guarantee, you can essentially test drive Mode risk-free as well. Given the 90%+ customer satisfaction rates with this sonic pulse device, it is evident that the majority who try Mode end up keeping it for the long run.

Overall if you are seeking meaningful improvement in your oral healthcare through less effort, the Mode Toothbrush electric brush claims to deliver exactly that. Backed by real performance and measurable enhancement of plaque removal and gum health, Mode makes sense Recommended upgrade, what are you waiting for?

Mode Toothbrush – Overview

The Mode Toothbrush is an electric toothbrush that aims to provide a superior brushing experience through advanced sonic technology.

– Patrick Alen

Mode Toothbrush Overall Score
Customer Feeback


Mode Toothbrush claims to leverage sonic technology and design to deliver what is essentially an oral healthcare breakthrough in your bathroom.



1. Should I fully charge my Mode Toothbrush before first use?

Yes, Mode Toothbrush recommends fully charging your new toothbrush overnight. Out of the box, there may be a partial charge so first use is possible, but a full charge upfront ensures best performance and synchronizes the battery. 

2. Does the Mode Toothbrush require special brush heads?

Yes, you must utilize the custom Mode brush heads designed specifically to attach to the metal sonic drive shaft inside the brush neck. 

3. What is the return process if I activate the 30-day money-back guarantee?

Simply email Mode customer support who will send a free prepaid shipping label to easily return your Mode Toothbrush kit. Once received, inspect for resale then issue a refund of the original toothbrush purchase amount less any shipping fees.

4. Does the Mode Toothbrush require a subscription or bundles to order?

No, Mode offers one-time purchase options. When looking into the current offers mode electric toothbrushes are retailing for:
Single Mode Toothbrush- $148 with free shipping
Buy one get one 30% off- $251.60 with free shipping
Buy two get one 80% off- $325.60 with free shipping

5. Is the Mode Toothbrush safe to use with dental work like implants or braces?

Yes, Mode is safe to use around all dental work. The smooth and soft tapered bristles are efficient enough to provide deep cleaning for your teeth.


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